Podcast with Attorney Scott Cliff

Attorney Scott T. Cliff

Several years ago, I was asked by Avvo.com to do a short podcast they entitled “All About Employment Law.”  Of course, no one can tell you all there is to know about anything–much less employment law.  But the intent was to introduce a national audience to the basic types of issues and laws employers, employees, and their respective lawyers need to keep in mind.  I invite you to listen to the whole thing, but for your convenience, here are where each of the five topics start:

00:00 – What is Employment Law?

03:38 – Basic Employee Rights

06:32 – Legal Distinctions Based on
              Part-time v. Full-time and Salaried v. Hourly

08:55 – When Do I Need An Employment Lawyer?

12:55 – How Can I Tell if a Lawyer is Qualified for My Matter?

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