What Sets us Apart?


Since 1987, Scott T. Cliff has focused his practice on employment litigation, representing “Fortune 500™” employers as well as individuals with strong claims. He gets results in and out of court.


Any competent lawyer can win a strong case with enough hard work–and lots of billable hours. It takes wisdom to size up the facts and law and formulate a strategy to win quickly and efficiently. Scott T. Cliff is known for his uncanny ability to find and exploit the opposition’s weaknesses to gain the upper hand, whether in mediation, arbitration or trial. But wisdom also requires speaking frankly to clients with weak claims or defenses. No one wins when lawyers rack up a bill fighting a battle that can’t be won. We believe in straight talk as soon as it is called for.


Over the past ten years, an increasing number of clients served by our firm have come by referral from other attorneys, including former adversaries who appreciate and respect Scott’s abilities and professionalism. We want you to know how much we appreciate your confidence in us. Whenever possible we will seek to return the favor by referring folks to those lawyers we know who exemplify what is best about our profession and who serve their clients well and with integrity.