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Employment law is complicated and ever-changing.  You need an experienced lawyer to guide you.  Scott Cliff has successfully assisted both employers and employees with labor and employment issues for over 30 years.   He helps clients understand their options and choose the best course of action in a wide range of employment matters.  Scott draws on his wealth of focused experience in counseling and representing each client, from initial employment-related contracts, all the way through the employment relationship to its end.  He helps clients with non-competition agreements, nondisclosure and non-solicitation agreements, assignment of inventions provisions.  Before or after termination of employment, Scott assists with severance agreements and assessment of possible legal claims.  When litigation is the best course, he provides zealous representation.

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Services Offered

  • Employment contracts –  Many employers require employees to sign agreements containing non-competition, nondisclosure, non-solicitation, and assignment of inventions provisions.  Scott provides careful analysis, both at the outset and when enforcement is threatened or called for.  He has represented both employers trying to enforce such provisions and employees seeking to avoid them.
  • Wage and hour matters – Scott helps employers and employees understand state and federal wage and hour laws. He has recovered wages owed to employees and helped employers avoid costly, unlawful pay practices.
  • Discrimination –  Scott helps clients understand, comply with, and enforce, laws prohibiting discrimination for many reasons, including race, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation disability, race, religion and others.
  • Retaliation – An employer may not retaliate in any way against an employee who reports unsafe conditions or illegal actions in the workplace.
  • Wrongful discharge – State and federal laws make it unlawful to discharge employees for refusing to engage in unlawful conduct or for asserting their employment-related rights.  Scott has both defended and prosecuted such cases.
  • Accommodation of disabilities – Employers must accommodate employees with disabilities, but this is an area fraught with medical and legal issues requiring wise counsel.  Scott represents clients faced with such issues.
  • Severance Agreements- Many employers seek to protect themselves against possible claims by offering severance agreements to employees.  Severance agreements should be reviewed by an attorney who has the employee’s best interest at heart and knows how to asses possible legal claims that are lost if the Severance Agreement is accepted.  Scott regularly serves clients needing wise and timely counsel in such matters.  Click here for fixed-price Severance Assistance packages.
  • Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation of Employment Disputes – While litigation is not the ideal means of resolving all disputes, it is necessary or unavoidable in many cases.  Scott provides zealous representation in state and federal courts.

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Scott’s goal is always to help clients make informed decisions by discussing pros and cons of various options, including costs, risks, and any defenses and allegations the opposing side is expected to make.

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From his office in Portland, OR, Scott serves clients throughout Oregon and Washington.   All consultations are confidential.   Call the Law Office of Scott T. Cliff at (503) 922-2071 for more information.