Disclaimer: Client testimonials are not representations or assurances that similar results may be obtained in your situation. Each case is unique, as is each client.

So Happy I Hired Scott

I hired Scott for an employment matter and am very glad I did. From the start he listened intently, asked great questions, was easy to work with and understanding. It was clear from the start that he understood my case and believed in it, and was willing to work hard to get the outcome that was best for me. I’m very happy with the settlement we reached and could not have done this without his help.

- anonymous★★★★★

Perfection in professionalism

Scott is a wonderful attorney. After speaking with him even once, you can tell his level of expertise is second to none. His knowledge of employment law is impeccable. When hired he was prompt to assist with my wage claim. I never had to worry about a thing. He was explanative to the point you knew exactly what was coming next. In my case my wage claim was handled extremely well and would refer him to anyone I know. Great attorney!

- Nathan★★★★★

Highly Recommended – Very Effective, Honest, and Efficient

I had a difficult situation with an ex-employer who was not keeping the terms of an employment agreement. Scott took the time to thoroughly understand the situation, presented different options to resolve the issue in the most cost effective way, brought the employer to the bargaining table, and negotiated a reasonable compromise without a lengthy and expensive courtroom battle.

Scott was also very conscientious about budget constraints I was dealing with, and made sure that his time was being spent in the most cost effective way. I’ve used other attorneys who never really discussed the return on investment aspect of their time with much depth, and my experience with Scott was a refreshing change of pace in this regard. I would also suspect he’s just as effective and fair when representing an employer as well.

Scott is an attorney that I would recommend without hesitation for anyone involved in an employment dispute or needing arbitration or mediation services.

- Mike★★★★★

Excellent Support

Scott was very thorough, communicative, and supportive through a challenging defense. He not only helped address the specific concerns, but also gave us suggestions to strengthen our HR policies. Scott also worked very well with our insurance company throughout the entire process.

- Robin★★★★★

A+ Rating

Mr. Cliff was, probably, the best person I could have contacted, even though I made mistakes, that would have cost me the entire case, Scott made it work… He stuck by my side, he negotiated with fervor and was knowledgable, well spoken and, well connected with all parties involved, including his professionalism with opposing counsel, was top class… And, I thank him!

- Jansen★★★★★


Scott was made himself available right away, as I faced a tight timeline for decisions. He was responsive and available throughout the process, as I was needing to make quick decisions with timely counsel. Scott provided me with the expert advice and guidance I needed, which gave me security and confidence as I was navigating unfamiliar waters. I am very appreciative of Scott’s assistance in what has been an otherwise difficult time and disconcerting process.

- Brad★★★★★

Would recommend

Scott provided a steady hand, even temperament, and a sharp legal mind to my challenging employment issue. He was easy to work with and dedicated to helping solve my problem.

- anonymous★★★★★

Non-Compete Help

Mr. Cliff did a great job in representing me in non-compete situation with a previous employer. He was empathetic, caring, and very responsive. More than anything, he did what he said he would do. Thanks Scott!

- Jim★★★★★

Professional and knowledgeable attorney, highly recommended

I hired Scott Cliff to represent me and to file a lawsuit against my former employer after I had been terminated from my position. He was professional and extremely knowledgeable about employment law. It was an emotional case for me but he made himself available to answer any question I had and was honest about what I should expect every step of the way. His knowledge and years of experience helped me win a settlement. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs an employment attorney.

- Jamie★★★★★

Outstanding lawyer

Scott provided excellent legal advice . I hired him and he won my case. I was very pleased with his defense , his high ethical standards and his concern about cost to me. His legal intervention made a positive difference in my life. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Nirmala★★★★★

If you’re looking for a no nonsense, experienced lawyer, Scott’s your guy.

Scott Cliff was responsive, professional, and knowledgeable throughout the entire time we worked together. My case was very emotional for me, but Mr. Cliff put me at ease with his many years of experience and professionalism. I appreciated his honesty most of all. He always told me what was strong and what was weak about my case and came up with an excellent strategy that resulted in a favorable outcome. I’d recommend him to anybody who has an employment issue.

- anonymous★★★★★

Excellent Legal Advice – Supportive style

Mr. Cliff provided excellent legal advice to me when I was placed in a compromising situation with a former employer. I appreciated how thoughtful and objective his advice was, and he helped me understand the employer perspective while explaining my rights. He is also very pleasant and supportive to work with. His rate seemed fine, similar to a few other attorneys I researched, and the invoice was lower than I expected for the thorough advice he gave. I think he is a tremendous bargain for dependable legal advice, and I will not hesitate to recommend him to either an employer or employee in a difficult situation.

- anonymous★★★★★

Amazed, He answered the phone

I was impressed that Scott, himself answered the phone. Explained to me about Oregon law and told me what I should do next. His professionalism was appreciated along with his knowledge of the subject.

- Cathy★★★★★

A Caring, Excellent Support for difficult times

Scott Cliff was kind, caring and did an excellent job advising me of my options, and helping me to choose my next steps during the process. He listened so well, asked important questions and truly supported me to move through some really tough times. I am so grateful.

- Lisa★★★★★
Excellent service from an excellent lawyer!

Hands down, Mr. Cliff’s experience and personable style kept me at ease and confident in the decisions made for my case. He let me know step by step what was being done and why and allowed me to determine what was best for me based on all of the information. He kept aware of the pros, as well as the cons of each and every part of the process and even gave me extra information that was relevent to the other party. He is a great strategizer and drew from past cases like mine to help guide his judgements as well as mine.

- Jill★★★★★

Review of Scott Cliff

Scott is an excellent attorney. He kept me informed frequently of his progress and was very through in explaining what he was doing and why. I would highly recommend him!

- Teri★★★★★

Very responsive and efficient

Mr. Cliff assisted me on 2 occasions dealing with the same employment issue. The issue required a quick response and Mr. Cliff was responsive and timely in his advice and paperwork. I also felt that he listened and understood the issue and cared about the outcome.

- Fran★★★★★

Adept, Responsive and Fair

Under trying circumstances, not instigated by myself, Scott was invaluable and negotiated a significant settlement in my favor. When seeking legal counsel FAIR and INTEGRITY are important qualifiers and rest assured, this is what you’ll get from Mr. Cliff-along with excellent legal knowledge of tactics and strategy.

- Jon★★★★★

Working Diligently for You

I have to say that I was very lucky to find Scott. He listened to me and understood what I needed and immediatly started working on my situation. He was diligent, strong and proffessional during the entire process.Eventually he negotiated a fair and equitable settlement for me. His council and recommendations during negotiations was invaluable and benificial.

- Pat★★★★★

Responsible & Trustworthy Leadership-A Refreshing Spirit

In our hour of desperation Scott was easy for us to contact and prompt to respond with appropriate actions. It’s a comfort knowing he’s there for us and clearly communicates available options.

- Doug★★★★★

Phenominally Competent

Scott was highly recommended to me. I would not hesitate to recommend Scott to anyone who seeks an attorney who renders five-star representation. The fact of the matter is: I came to Scott with a very challenging employment claim, and Scott was up for the challenge.

A previous attorney had declined to represent me because he felt that the “odds” were stacked against me. Scott knew how to level the playing field. Irregardless of the “odds” that were stacked against me; Scott became more concerned with the “justice” that was due to me.

Scott was extremely knowledgeable in employment law, attentive to detail, thorough in his investigation, and very compassionate regarding my claim. Scott went far and beyond his call of duty in ensuring and protecting my rights. I feel that the way Scott protected my rights could be compared to a mama bear protecting her cubs. It was absolutely amazing how efficient Scott was in resolving my multi-claim case in a matter of months in a mutual settlement agreement! I am very pleased.

I have not experienced such kindness and compassion, not only with Scott; but his staff as well. All of my office visits were pleasant, with minimal wait time. His staff are very informed, helpful and understanding.

Hands down! Scott is most definitely “stellar” in every aspect of legal representation. If you are in search of an attorney who will get the job done and in a “timely” manner, Scott should be your first choice.

- Jamaica★★★★★

Scott came highly recommended to me & it was a blessing to have him on my side during my unfortunate circumstance.

Scott came highly recommended to me. I would in turn do the same to anyone who seeks a trustworthy lawyer. Scott is a genuinely kind and thoughtful soul. Scott cares about your case and the situation you are in. Scott is very attentive to every detail regarding the case. Scott is very quick to respond to any questions and or concerns you may have. During my case I felt like he went above and beyond many times. I truly believe that Scott is in his line of work to make a difference in the world! Scott makes it a point to do what is right for the person and their situation. I do not have alot of experience with lawyers but I have heard alot of stories about how certain ones are only out for “themselves” I can assure you this is not Scott’s intention.

We worked together in my case for almost a year and during that time I always felt secure with his choices and advice. Most of us do not know the law and how it works so trust in a lawyer is very important. Although I never met him in person do to the distance, I can truly say that did not matter one bit in my case. Scott was very understanding about emailing and phone conversations. I say this because you do not need to live in Portland to have him as your lawyer.

I would also like to say that everyone in his office are very helpful and kind. When calling into his office you will be treated with kindness and understanding. To me this makes a huge impression. It is nice to know that the entire office cares about the person.

In closing I would like to just say that my case was not only an employment/labor case but also a sexual discrimination due to my sexual orientation. This was a concern for me when I was searching for a lawyer. I must say not once during my time working with Scott did he ever treat me different or judge me for this. That in itself says alot to me and the morals and values he has as a lawyer. He honestly believes in justice and that is the bottom line!!!!

I do hope if you are in search of a lawyer you seriously consider Scott you will not be disappointed in your choice!!!!


- Gina★★★★★

competent and experienced

I experienced an adverse labor issue that I felt was not justified. As a new business owner I lacked legal knowledge and was very frustrated with the situation. Scott added an air of calmness and confidence. He had great knowledge of labor law and was straignt forward with me on my options. His contacts in the legal system proved valuable. He explained terms, conditions, and legal paramenters in layman terms. His fees for the work involved were very reasonable. He was able to resolve a difficult situation in a rapid and professional manner thru the court system. Yes I would definitely use him again.

- jeff★★★★★

Help with employment law

Scott came highly recommended when we were looking for guidance in handling an uncomfortable employee problem. He was knowledgable and helped us resolve the problem in a very timely manner.

- anonymous★★★★★

Definitely Recommended!

Two coworkers and I were fortunate enough to have Scott recommended to us. He really knows his stuff. He always gave us the best advice even if we didn’t always heed it, and knew how to handle the situation as it changed. Our entire case was opened and settled in a matter of around 3.5 months! He was willing to work with us until the end and was genuinely concerned for our welfare, and not just his fees or winnings. I was completely confident in him throughout the entire ordeal. He was very honest with me and straight-forward about everything, not just telling me what I wanted to hear. I would definitely recommend him to anyone having issues with employment laws!

- Eryn★★★★★

Truly Exceptional!

I went into my initial consultation hesitant, scared, and already defeated. Within the first five minutes of that meeting with Scott I knew that everything was going to be okay. He patiently listened and clearly explained where the law stood in my case. From that day a game plan was set in motion and I was kept apprised every step of the way. Scott was there for me at every turn and within two months I had my settlement. I cannot recommend Scott Cliff enough. I will always be grateful for his help. Thank you, Scott!

- Jason★★★★★

Excellent and Efficient

I was a bit uneasy when I came in to consult with Scott. He quickly put me at ease as we talked and he explained the law as it applied to my case. He was knowledgeable, thorough and respectful of my wishes. My case was settled within a weeks time.

- anonymous★★★★★

Client Review

I have a small business with 18 employees and I have used Scott for advice and help with employee related issues for about 8 years and have been very satisfied. He is very responsive and easy to work with. He is very reasonable and fair with his fees. I always feel that I get what I paid for and more. I know that he has help me avoid several headaches in regards to my employees and benefits. I have and will continue to recommend Scott.

- anonymous★★★★★

Thanks for all your help Scott!

I was referred to Scott by a colleague of his. After giving him a breakdown of the problems I was having, we met and discussed my options. Scott was thorough in his research and I had no problems coming to an acceptable resolution with my case. Thanks for all your help Scott. Travis

- Travis★★★★★

Finance Director

Scott did an excellent job in representing our Board of Directors in a very difficult employee dispute. He took what was a very passionate and extensive complaint against a supervisor and guided the parties involved toward mediation and reconciliation.

He presented the legal issues in a way that a layperson could follow and understand them. He was always prompt in responding to every detail even when out of town. We felt like he was a step ahead of the other attorney involved in the dispute and at the same time made sure that communications did not become adversarial with the other party and their attorney.

The bottom line is that Scott kept the complaint out of the courts. The matter was settled through mediation to both our Board of Directors satisfaction as well as the satisfaction of the complaining party. And he even got the employee and supervisor to participate in a reconciliation process where mutual forgiveness and understanding occurred.

- anonymous★★★★★

Client Review

Mr. Cliff was recommended to me by another lawyer in the Portland area. I was very pleased with the response that I received from Scott from the very first phone call. He kept me up to date on all proceedings and filings related to my case. I would recommend Mr. Cliff to anyone who is in need of an attorney.

- Dorene★★★★★

Client Review

Never thought I would have to use an attorney but I did. And I got lucky, all I did was look up employment attorney and he was the first one that came up so I called. It couldnt have worked out any better. When I called he asked me a few questions about what my situation was after explaining it to him he instantly asked when I could come to his office, as soon as i got to the office we talked about the situation i gave him the facts and he did the rest.
He made me feel really comfortable with what had happend and reasured me that it would end the way we wanted it to, he said all I have to do is trust him, so I did and he didnt let me down at all. He actually really impressed me with his knowledge of law and his ability to win he kept me up to date day to day letting me know everything thats going on
I would recommend him anytime I have the oppertunity

- nick★★★★★

Client Review

Scott helped with an employee termination law suite. He was very helpful, easy to talk to and made everything as easy as possible.
Whenever I have questions about any other issue he responds immediatly by email or back with a phone call.
I would recommend him to anyone.

- anonymous★★★★★